Managing Spinal Irritation
  • The main thing to remember is that you are trying to provide the optimal conditions for your back to heal.
  • That includes avoiding pain provoking activities and postures.
  • Maintaining neutral spinal posture is the goal and this is easier with the help of aids such as tape, back braces, supportive mattresses, office chairs etc.
  • Exercises such as the ones I showed you yesterday to help flush out inflammatory exudate and maintain joint mobility also help to reduce pain. (These include small back circles and back bends in standing, spinal waves in four point kneeling, lying on your back with knees bent up and rolling them from side to side to side)
  • Cardiovascular exercises that don’t exacerbate pain increase blood supply to the area and promote the healing response.
  • ¬†Anti inflammatories will help to reduce the infl response and swelling and decrease pain
  • I when your back settles you might consider more targeted strengthening exercises