Open Up The Gait!

Faulty gait can occur at any age and be due to neurological, structural or soft tissue problems or a combination of all three. At City Physio we specialise in issues arising from muscle imbalances and joint problems.

It is often quite easy to pick faulty gait biomechanics. Next time you walk down the street, check out the people who are walking with their feet turned inwards, excessively outwards, knees turned inwards, with their bodies rolling from side to side, or with bottoms tucked under or too far out.

Although these people look like they are getting along OK, they are placing abnormal strains on their joints and muscle systems and causing early wear and tear in their joints. They will also often end up suffering from any of a number of painful conditions requiring treatment, limiting their ability to engage in certain physical activities, and be more prone to strains and sprains and falls. So, if you suspect you’re one of these people book a consultation today!