A Good Walking Gait Is:

 Being able to walk with your body and legs in alignment and with your pelvic girdle square.

You can check this by:

  •  Placing your fingertips on  the bony point at the front of your hips. These should remain level and in the same plane while you walk.
  • Your knees should be centered above your 2nd and 3rd toes the entire time you are walking.

To Walk Well, Good Posture Is Essential

  • Stand tall with your chin level as if you are being lifted by the hair.
  •  Lift your chestbone, but make sure you keep your ribs in.
  •  If you have a “sway-back” lengthen your spine.  Without bending your knees, push your bottom towards your heels, and you will feel your lower abs engage.
  •  If you have a stragiht spine, with a tucked in bottom, then do the opposite and stick your bottom out a little.
  •  “Soften” your knees – this means bend them a tiny bit – make sure you are not jamming them backwards.

Now, ‘The Walk’

  • Gently squeeze your bottom muscles together.
  •  Relax one of your hips, and allow the knee to naturally bend, ensuring it is centered over the 2nd toe.
  •  Lift the foot, swing the leg freely, and ensure that you land on the heel and step off through the 2nd and 3rd toes.
  •  Repeat with the other leg and voila! You are gliding down the aisle!